Our vision

All of our work is guided by trying to improve health and care for people in Greater Nottingham: You have to play and get great bonuses in new online casinos australia here. Don't miss your chance to become more rich.

  1. We want everyone to lead happy, healthy lives and be able to stay independent and well
  2. When people need help, advice or support, they should easily be able to find out how and where to get it
  3. Help and support should be more joined up across health and social care, and be delivered closer to home, with hospitals only for those who need to be there

We also believe:

  1. We have to change: Our population is growing, people are living longer with more health problems, and our patients don’t always get the consistent quality of care we would wish for them. The rising cost of health and social care is becoming unsustainable.
  2. It’s not just about pumping more money into the system: Some parts of the NHS work brilliantly for our patients, but others don’t. We have a complicated system with care delivered by different, fragmented organisations that don’t always work together in a joined-up way.
  3. We believe an integrated care system can join up all of the different NHS organisations and the social care delivered by local councils: Patients will get better, more joined-up care, often closer to home in their communities. We’ll be better able to keep pace with our growing and ageing population and fix some the current problems we have in our NHS, while making it sustainable for the future.
  4. Our local NHS has a history of innovation that we can build on: We believe we can continue to find new ways of working together that will be better for our patients and meet the needs of our growing and ageing population within our available budget.
  5. This will not change the fundamental principles of the NHS: It will still be free at the point of use and available to all.

So we’re going to try to change the way we do things:

  • We believe we can bring together all of the organisations who pay for and provide health and care. We’re trying to find ways to break down barriers between these often fragmented organisations in order to provide a shared approach to delivering healthcare, hospital care, mental health care and social care services.
  • We think we can work more closely together, with shared aims, objectives and even a shared budget for the people of Greater Nottingham.
  • We are also looking at new ways to deliver services that will be better quality, more efficient and cost less than they do today. By working together we can reduce duplication, waste and inefficiencies on a scale not possible by smaller, individual efforts. We hope that by improving the health of our population, we will better manage demand for our services.